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Prince forum

Have you or any of your staff embarked on the Prince 2 or MSP training, and maybe even achieved the qualifications? You get back into the working environment, with lots of fantastic ideas and life-saving techniques but where do you start?

“It’s great but I don’t know how I’m going to do it when I get back to the office!”

That’s just where the carefully crafted Prince Forum comes in. The methods and techniques developed within Prince 2 and MSP are there for you to select what works for you. But do you dare drop anything from the process? Not without careful consideration! The Prince Forum is a workshop where you and/or your team(s) can meet to forum what does and doesn’t work in your business environment. It’s an excellent vehicle for collaboration with other project teams within your organisation or as a benchmarking exercise with other companies.

Sally Beeson can facilitate a Prince Forum workshop, or series of workshops, for your company and start to craft Prince 2 and MSP knowledge and skills to your company’s needs.

Prince Forum provides an excellent opportunity for learning and developing programme and project management skills and benefiting from shared experience as each of the processes, components and techniques are examined and challenged in detail.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your business requirements
Mobile: +44 (0)7766 422058

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