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programme management

A structured framework will help to co-ordinate, communicate, align, manage and control the activities needed to deliver benefits and achieve your overall vision from your planned business change. Programme management provides this framework.

Sally Beeson and her team can help your business achieve the success it deserves.

Programme Management Processes

Working with you to structure, plan or realign your programme, putting in place effective stakeholder management and a communications plan, methods for control and monitoring progress, transition plans and essential risk management and issue resolution procedures.

portfolio management

Hands-on management or guidance to your programme team leads on the effective management of the projects within your programme's portfolio.

benefits management

Developing an accurate and effective Benefits Realisation plan to help you capture and measure the accomplishments of your programme and achieve early success during its lifecycle.

programme assurance

Working with you to develop your Quality Strategy or audit your programme to assess the quality of its structure and its deliverables based on your business requirements and the programme's agreed success criteria.

programme review

Independent audit or ongoing management in relation to achievement of your required outcomes and plans developed for programme closure and assessment.

Sally Beeson is a qualified MSP Practitioner.

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